Computational Ethics is a revolutionary new field of AI and computer science research.

We are building a computational ethics framework that can analyse a variety of situations from a range of perspectives in order to provide ethical feedback and guidance.

Dex will be capable of:

  • Analysing a text, law, decision, or judgment to check for moral consistency
  • Calculating a degree of probable mens rea for guilt or wrongdoing
  • Creating a multi-polar index of the moral development of a person
  • Acting as a free and independent arbiter that may be called upon in dispute resolution
  • Performing as an ‘agony aunt’, and a tool of moral guidance
  • Meditating upon complex unbounded conflicts
  • Providing a default hierarchy of values and principles from which to base a decision
  • Enabling people to achieve a unity of self with their moral goals (ideal versus the actual).
  • Providing a framework for artificial intelligences to safely participate within human society